Saturday, October 22, 2016

Is Skillion Ventures a VC firm or a cover-up?

Mintos replied to my first blog post saying that Skillion Ventures is a VC firm and there is no controlling ownership between loan originators. Read about the actual ownership structure in my first blog post.

Skillion Ventures is no VC. It is Aigars’ business that controls his other businesses as well as Mintos. VC story was only created for Mintos to create trust and better image. TechCrunch article is not a source of information (read here It is result of Mintos PR.

If you search for Skillion then you cannot find anything else if you exclude Mintos from search.

I find only online phonebooks and reports showing Skillion is over 60% owner of Mogo. No investment company will invest only in companies that do business with each-other. No investment firm who wants to make new investments would have almost zero information available on them.

In 2014 or 2015 Mogo shares were moved to a Luxembourg company so the shareholders are not visible anymore but older annual reports have not been yet hidden online.

This link provides PDF documents for Skillion Ventures (Mintos excluded).

If you do not believe me about relationships then you can use this site to see relationships, management and owner info in Latvia: and


  1. Hypocredit AS and Mintos (Holding, Marketplace) AS are registered at the same address (Riga, Skanstes iela 50) and interesting thing is that one of the previous names of Hypocredit AS was AS Mintos.

  2. Is the whole thing a stacked deck of cards ready to collapse?

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